Can You Really Gain Muscle With Home Workouts?

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Can You Really Gain Muscle With Home Workouts?

Last updated on 10th February 2022 by Project U Fitness

What’s the deal with lockdown workouts at home? Is it realistic to expect any muscle gain, or should we settle for spinning our wheels?

When you know the science behind strength training, you can train the right way for muscle gain – yep, even at home! Here’s how to structure a training plan – message me for a bespoke programme and extra support.

 What is muscle hypertrophy?

Hypertrophy is the technical name for muscle growth or gain – the process by which we can increase muscle fibre size. It happens as an adaptation to progressively overloaded resistance training. What does that mean in real terms (and how can you achieve it through home workouts)?

 5 pillars of muscle gain

Adequate load (weight) – to stimulate muscle growth, you need to place the muscle under enough load.

Training frequency – resistance training stimulates muscle growth for about 48 hours (1) so aim to train muscle groups every 2 days.

Training effort and intensity – it’s important to put the effort in with any training session, but this is key with home workouts where other variables (like load) can’t be increased indefinitely.

Progressive overload – make sure your training plan keeps pushing you, with a combination of exercise choices, reps and sets.

Good nutrition – you can’t ignore nutrition for muscle gain! Make sure you get adequate protein (crucial for muscle gain) – I recommend 1.6g per kg bodyweight. Focus on nutritious foods like wholegrains, veggies, fruit, beans, pulses, and lean protein. Try to eat every 3-4 hours so you don’t fall behind on protein intake.

 Gain muscle with home training

A “muscle gain” training programme will incorporate training frequency, load, and intensity – all in a progressively overloaded plan.

Can you achieve this without heavy weights, barbells, plates, and big dumbbells at home?

It’s a bit more difficult, but it’s definitely possible! My top piece of advice is to have a plan. Without a structured plan, you won’t see results or get any stronger. A good home training plan for muscle gain will have you training 4-5 times per week, for no more than 45 minutes per session. Message me if you need help with this.

 How to structure home workouts

To train all muscle groups frequently enough, try an upper/lower split where you train upper body in one session and lower body in another session. Do 2 x upper body days and 2 x lower body days per week.

Or try 3 or 4 full body sessions per week to stimulate all muscle groups every 48 hours for optimal gains.

Suggested upper body exercises
Pull ups/chin ups
Dumbbell chest press
Bent over rows
Inverted rows
Overhead press/shoulder press
Lateral raises
Biceps curls
Triceps extensions

Suggested lower body exercises
Goblet squats
Weighted lunges
Bulgarian split squats
RDL (Romanian deadlift)
Single leg RDL

 Best home gym equipment for muscle gain

Kettlebells – add one or two kettlebells to your home gym set up. Kettlebells are great for adding resistance, and for creating short conditioning sessions. The options are endless!

Adjustable dumbbells – any dumbbells are useful, but if you can get hold of an adjustable pair it will really help you add more weight to your home workouts.

Resistance bands – don’t dismiss bands! They’re great for working smaller muscle groups, or adding even more weight to other exercises.

 What about supplements?

Training and nutrition are by far the most important elements of muscle gain – with or without a gym. But some supplements can help. I recommend a good quality protein powder (to help achieve your protein intake goal), and a basic creatine monohydrate (take 5g daily).

You can gain muscle with home training. Don’t let lockdown mess with your goals of getting stronger and gaining muscle. Message me for help with training and nutrition.


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