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How To Find A Personal Trainer in Buckinghamshire

Last updated on 31st March 2020 by Project U Fitness

There are so many options when choosing the right Buckinghamshire personal trainer for you and finding the right PT is critical for achieving your own health and fitness goals.

While the going hourly rate for personal trainers can sometimes be expensive, getting the right personal trainer who is passionate and knowledgeable can save you lots of time and ensure that you see incredible results.

However most PTs will often spend a lot of time promoting only one training style, focusing on workout intensity over correct form, body shaming their clients to motivate, and even trying to sell them dubious supplements. They might have very little actual experience and, at worst, might even be unqualified! As the industry itself is largely unregulated and relatively young there is a wide-ranging standard of service. Only a select few really educate or empower their clients and are able to demonstrate their previous successes and provide testimonials.

That being said there are some seriously knowledgeable and passionate personal trainers working in Buckinghamshire who are helping people do life-changing things. Here are some helpful tips you can follow to ensure you find a reputable Buckinghamshire personal trainer.

Are they the right personality for you?

Finding a personal trainer who communicates on your level and has the right personality for you is so important. You want to be pushed outside your comfort zone but getting barked at continuously for an hour is not an effective communication method for some clients. However be careful not to pick somebody because they are exactly like you – you want to employ an individual who will bring the best out of you in the long term!

Can they provide previous success stories and client testimonials?

Does your personal trainer have a proven history of results and how many clients have they helped to achieve their goals? Check their website for previous client testimonials and perhaps ask to talk to some of their existing clients. It’s definitely worth doing your homework to ensure that you get what you expect and some due diligence will be well worth it!

Are they qualified?

You need to make sure that your personal trainer has the right credentials and previous experience. Have they completed accredited courses and training seminars around your specific goal areas? This is no guarantee that they are a good trainer but it shows their commitment to professionalism and wanting to become skilled and qualified in their particular area of expertise.

Do they work at the level you want to progress at?

If you are just starting out then you do not need the most specialised personal trainer in the business. You need to be specific about your fitness goals and find the best fit to help you achieve those goals. Someone who will motivate and inspire you to keep going. Your goals and training requirements may change over time so it’s important to find a trainer who has coached a variety of clients and knows how to progress their client’s training and overcome fitness plateaus.

Is your personal trainer knowledgeable about diet and nutrition?

Your personal trainer might not be a certified nutritionist with an assortment of qualifications and credentials but they should be able to offer some basic nutritional advice. You might just need some basic guidelines and accountability which is something that most good personal trainers should be offering to compliment their PT sessions.

Project U Fitness cares about all of our personal training clients, are all fully qualified, and integrates both training and nutrition to help clients lose weight and tone up! We offer bespoke training and nutrition programs to help clients lose weight, tone up, and melt body fat in all those stubborn areas! Our own dedicated personal trainers have over 10 years experience in personal fitness and we pride ourselves on getting incredible results for our valued members.

I really hope you enjoyed reading this blog post as much as I enjoyed writing it for you. Now if you would like me to personally help you reach your weight loss and fitness goals then I’d be delighted to help you and get you started FOR FREE!

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Chris Roche

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