Why Losing Weight Is Like Managing Your Finances

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Why Losing Weight Is Like Managing Your Finances

Last updated on 10th February 2022 by Project U Fitness

Imagine how easy life would be if losing weight was like managing a budget. You’d assess your finances, input the numbers, and let the maths work its magic.

Good news. The fundamentals of loss and muscle gain ARE just like budgeting.

Here’s how to apply your financial skills to your food intake so you can drop fat and get lean faster.

 The fundamentals of fat loss

Let’s recap the basic facts around calories.

If you want to lose weight (lose fat), you need to be in a calorie deficit. This means either eating less, expending more, or a bit of both. Being in a calorie deficit means your body slowly chips away at stored body fat for fuel – and you get lean.

If you want to gain weight or add muscle, you need to be in a slight calorie excess. This means either eating a bit more, expending less, or a combination. If you do this the right way, the extra calories will fuel your training sessions and help your body gain lean tissue.

 Why losing weight is like making money

Now compare this approach to managing your finances. If you wanted to make money, you would need to either earn more or spend less.

You would assess your current financial situation, see where you could cut back, and find ways to bring more money in.

You would track every penny – out and in.

Successful fat loss follows exactly the same process.

Assess, set goals, have a plan, get started, and track your progress.

If you’re good with finances, this way of thinking about fat loss will change the game.

 Budget your fat loss

For argument’s sake, let’s assume your goal is fat loss. You need to get in that important calorie deficit and stay there, adapting your approach to account for changes in the “market”.

Start by assessing your eating habits, and cutting back on unnecessary calories “in”. These are probably high calorie foods, large portions, alcohol, or snacks.

Then increase your calories “out” through energy expenditure. This can be training, but should also be general activity like general cardio, walking, and outdoor activity.

Track everything – just like a budget – until you can see what’s working and what needs more attention.

As the market changes (you get lighter, your activity levels go up or down, you have social events to attend), you will need to adapt your approach until the market settles again.

 Get a fat loss “accountant”

Losing weight is simple, but it’s not always easy. We are humans, not spreadsheets, and that means you need to make allowances for emotions, stress, and other human behaviours.

If it was as easy as just inputting the numbers and pressing a button, everyone would be lean and healthy (and I’d be out of a job – maybe I’d be a financial coach!)

A good fitness coach will bring you the latest and best methods, the most useful tools, and the accountability to stay on track with your fat loss.

A bit like using an accountant to help keep your finances in check.

You can do it yourself – but it’s much easier and faster with an expert on board.

 What’s your fitness goal?

Whether you want to drop body fat, get lean, lose a few dress sizes, or put on muscle to shape up, I can help. My coaching combines numbers, methods, and plenty of human input so the process is fun and motivating.

Drop me a line to talk about fat loss or muscle gain – it’s not as difficult as you think. Let me help you get started.

I really hope you enjoyed reading this blog post as much as I enjoyed writing it for you. Now if you would like me to personally help you reach your weight loss and fitness goals then I’d be delighted to help you and get you started FOR FREE!

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